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Photo by Mindy Tucker

I am a comedian who lives in New York City. I’ve written for outlets such as Comedy Central, Paramount Network and Funny or Die. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook. You can see some of my stand-up on my YouTube page.

I co-produce the free SAVAGE stand-up comedy show at Black Forest on Smith St. in Brooklyn, Mondays at 8pm. I also produce and host the horror movie screening/live comedy show series Hoff’s Horrorfest. I created and starred in the web series #Throwback.

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  1. Ah's LUBS me mah HOFF! permalink
    June 8, 2015 2:10 pm

    My sweet little Baby Hoff!!! Such a handsome, hot & hilarious young man!!!

    Just look at that face – did you ever see such sweetness, cuteness & mischief wrapped up in a convenient & compact cuddly package?!? No way you have!!!

    Those Adolfian bangs…those lemur eyes…it’s too much cuteness to bear…

    No one should be without their own personal Hoff to enjoy, play & have fun with – every home should have one – order yours today!!!

    Please call 1-800-LUV-HOFF 24/7; hofferators are standing by!

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