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Hoff’s Horrorfest Presents: The October Double Header!

October 5, 2015

Hoff's Horrorfest Presents: The October Double Header!

Hoff’s Horrorfest is a monthly show at Brit Pack (2nd floor, 34 Pell St., Manhattan) featuring horror movie screenings prefaced with stand-up comedy from Hoff Matthews and guest performers. This month’s installment will be at 9:30pm, Friday, October 23rd. $5 suggested donation, BYOB.

This month’s guest performers: Katie Hannigan and Zane Golia

This month’s movies: V/H/S (2012) and a surprise 2nd film to be revealed at the show!

A lot of people celebrate the Halloween season by watching horror movies. So how does a year-round horror movie screening show celebrate the Halloween season? That’s right: More horror movies. Two, to be precise. It’s the October Double Header!

First up we’ll have stand-up from Katie Hannigan, followed by the awesome 2012 found footage anthology V/H/S. Then around midnight we’ll have some more comedy from Zane Golia and reveal the second film of the night, which will remain a surprise spooky mystery secret until then.

It’s Halloween! Let’s watch some scary movies! See you on the 23rd!


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